The changes that are revolutionizing our society – in technology, communications, medicine, culture, just to name a few areas – are amazing. We are excited about what comes next. Let us inspire you and your colleagues to envision the next stage on your organization’s positioning.
Why we watch

We all know that our organizations do not exist inside a bubble. The conditions surrounding us shape and determine our own identities.

That’s why trendwatching is so much more than just a hype or a pastime – it’s an essential for any organization seeking to put together a clear positioning and branding strategy.

Changes – Turn and face the strange

Today, the world is changing faster than ever and there’s even more change ahead. Strange as it seems, the rate of technological advance today is actually the slowest it will ever be for the rest of your life. Think about that.

Changes in technology lead to changes in our society and our behavior. What will these changes mean for your industry? For your organization and its branding?

We believe that organizations need to embrace those changes. We want to help you to remain on top of the latest developments that are impacting your clients and your industry.

Our promise

With stay amazed every day on your side, your team will gain the perspective and insight it needs to get future-ready. We focus on your organization’s total context so your positioning and branding stay fresh and relevant going forward.


Get ready for your future!

Can you tell which direction your industry is headed? Find out in an interactive and thought-provoking workshop with stay amazed every day.

In our keynote presentations, we examine the most pressing changes that you and your colleagues can expect in the coming years. We’ll get your team thinking and talking about where your organization should be right now and going forward.


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